The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I have high hopes……but I think they are justified. I have created this space because I can’t really keep everything to myself anymore it’s high time we like minded souls connected to share, grow and collaborate. I believe that we are all waking up to our true selves and higher purpose. In my mind I see this as millions of little light bulbs switching on across the world. We should not be doing this in isolation, in order for us all to shine brightly we should come together which is why I would love you to stick around and check this space out, even better on a regular basis. Also if you are sad and angry about the world this is the place to be because I’ve worn the T-shirt for quite a while and finally burned it. Whatever you are going through you actually aren’t alone. I promise. I’m here and the universe most certainly is also. I would like this to be a safe space, somewhere you can draw a deep breathe and exhale, or laugh or cry or whatever your bag is. Any which way hello and you are so very welcome.

I am at pains to make you aware that my life has frankly been to hell and back in every way you could imagine. Health, of both the physical AND mental variety, wealth, relationships, career and very probably any other form or vibe you can think of. I mean life did quite literally wipe the floor with me. But and that is a massive but- I have kind of realised it was for a reason. No, this is not the part where I suck you into a cult or try to get you to pay £500 (SPECIAL OFFER ENDS AT MIDNIGHT) for my secret don’t worry. There is no ‘secret’ or magic wand. This is a process as unique and individual as you are, it can be a bumpy road and if you feel you would like some assistance from me I would be happy to consult with you. As a qualified psychotherapist and spiritual life coach I take a dualistic and combined approach when helping people get into the flow of receivership and begin on their path. You will find my contact details here on this site please do get in touch if you would like to connect.

So. This is now where we are at. There is a lot I have learned and a lot I do to keep me on track and progress my journey. There is even more to come I am sure. This is the place where I share what works for me, from books on the metaphysical, my dietary supplements and powders to the life lessons hard earned it all adds up to the expression of what and who I am. This is also a space for you, I want to hear from you! Leave a comment, send over an article or piece of art and we will display your light alongside mine, if you are a little shy you can email or DM me on my IG account. If you have any situations or thoughts you want to work through together I am here. It is so vital that we all connect and come together to share our souls and grow -my friends I live for that shit, we all do it’s why we are here.

Much much love

Annie x