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A qualified accredited spiritual life coach with a background in philosophy, psychotherapy, religion and history I am always looking to others to find out about their own spiritual journey and anything which they find enriching to their lives. If there is anything you wish to share, add to the site or see me talk about and discus please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Collaboration is the key, creating and participating in a supportive and enlightening network for all empaths, light workers and spiritual beings is nourishment for the soul.

I post on Instagram just ahead of a new article being published, as well as this I am working on a couple of longer term projects including ‘in search of chrism’ and ‘raising the empathic child’. If you would like to contribute to these or have any suggestions/comments I urge you to contact me via email or DM.

We do not discriminate or throw shade here, this site is dedicated to love compassion and the search for knowledge, truths and spiritual alignment. As always your anonymity and confidentiality is guaranteed should you wish to remain unseen.

For those wishing to book a consultation online or in person please contact me direct by email. I look forward to hearing from and helping you.






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