Opening up to Receivership

In our last post we talked about the build up of negative energy and how it can have a detrimental impact upon your life, that a cause of this for many of us is the placing of external conditions on our emotional well being. The minute we do this we are in essence transferring our power and our happiness to something outside of ourselves. We also talked about the need to release the pent up energy we store within our minds and bodies which if left inside us will cause physical manifestation of illness and for us to think we have lost our way and finally we touched upon how to get ourselves back into neutral in order to transition into a state of receivership and loving guidance. Today we are going to take that a little further and look at how we can tune into this goodness and have it flow through us all even when times are, shall we say- a little tricky….

There is a powerful truth within us all hidden deep underneath the layers of fear insecurity and resistance. That truth is that you are whole and you have everything you need within yourself. Moreover, if you truly listen and respond you will be in touch with your higher self and guided towards the path you wish to take, manifesting an existence which suits you as a co creator. I hope for you to see that this is true.

Many of us have had trauma and sadness in our past where we have not been or felt in control. The scars can take a long time to heal and even years later interfere in our journey. These events and life experience assist in shaping the person we have become today and you ultimately have two choices here. Firstly, you can remain beheld to suffering and trauma. Leading your life with pain and inner conflict constructing your future. Many are addicted to their suffering for a variety of reasons. It can make us feel vindicated in not taking control of our lives as we are the victim. Victims do not possess ownership of their experiences. Your second choice is to turn being a victim into being a survivor. You can release yourself from the bondage of suffering, take the lesson and move on. This act will free up your headspace for positive autonomy over yourself, a little daunting maybe but wouldn’t you rather paint your own picture in harmony with the divine than refuse to let it in to support love and guide you? When we put it like that it actually seems to be that we only have one option.

Learning to become an observer of our fear lead feelings and situations takes some practice but is worth it. If you can acknowledge thoughts which arise in a passive manner, as Eckhart Tolle would say, ‘be the silent observer’ you will come to learn that they are not from your true self and therefore a sense of distance or even better separation from the negativity can occur. Not only that but again, it is then possible to take the lesson from the process and move on.

If we increase our hearts with positive flowing creative energy we reduce the negative and chattering noise. Remember the universe listens to your call and gives you more of what you are vibrating at. If we presume this premise to be true it makes total sense to focus on the joy-it will create more. Many of us believe we are somehow separate from our environment but that could not be any further from the truth. Divine energy is within everything on this planet we all come from thought manifested into this reality. The feeling of separateness and isolation from your environment is ego driven. The same energy which creates happiness and fulfillment in others, that allows the sun to set and the stars to shine is a part of you too. Push your ego out of the way and allow it to take up the room it deserves.

How to focus on the joy is actually simple but many have become pre conditioned to do the opposite of what is required. We all have ‘preferences’ things, situations, thoughts and actions which suit us and make us happy. When we are in the middle of and in the mindset of this we feel all the good stuff- we are in our flow and our inner compass points due North. We are happy content and excited for the next phase of this journey to come along. The trick is to focus upon this and make it the larger part of your life and energy. Understandably we can not necessarily be actively engaging in these pursuits but if we can keep the mindset and emotional wellbeing that these things create with us in our daily lives nothing short of miracles take place. Place your focus in this area and not on past mistakes and imagined future fears and failings.

In order to receive more of this good stuff we need to be vibrating loudly with 2 strong emotions. Firstly, unconditional love (I’m still working on this one too- trust me I am not being preachy here) is at the core of receivership. Remember that creative and divine energy is flowing through every body and everything at varying levels, we are all connected. It can be tough to show unconditional love however, the people and situations we find ourselves engaging with at times can send us crazy. You may have a boss, a friend or a parental figure you clash with and just the thought of these kind of interactions can give you minor palpitations or want to run in the opposite direction. Don’t. Be chill. These situations are here to challenge you until you master yourself. They are showing you that a part of you needs some work. I would suggest that you step outside of yourself and bless the situation. Come from compassion and the heart. I can guarantee you that this situation will change if you don’t give up this stance. Your thoughts create your reality, if you keep seeing a battle you will be given one. Give thanks for the lesson and rise into love. Running away, deflecting or engaging in the confrontation will impede your growth, removing yourself from love is blocking the flow of the universe. The aim is to align, to come from the heart and master your shadow self and ego, increasing the flow of abundance.

Secondly, gratitude. I know this gets talked about a lot on this site but if unconditional love is at the core of receivership then gratitude is it’s essence. Sometimes when our ego is in control we can see very little if anything to be grateful for. Even when things to appear for us we don’t see them as enough we belittle what we have with complaining, we minimize the love, the unconditional love. The ego can demand instant gratification from a place projecting lack and scarcity. What we want to switch on to instead is the simple knowing that the universe is actually here in our favour. We have so much to be grateful for right down to the very air that we breathe. So much has been given to use to fulfill our lives and support us. Equally we need to express this gratitude to things that we don’t have. Knowing times of scarcity and loss help us appreciate the contrast to love and fulfillment. Again, we take the lesson and we move on. We didn’t obtain some things for a reason. Also remember spiritually most of the time a fall precedes ascension or advancement to the next level of your journey. Give thanks. Give thanks for your whole self and the place you are at in life. You do not need to ‘obtain’ anything. You are all you need, everything else which comes afterwards is a bonus.

What we hope for is for the abundant energy to flow through us and allow us to feel fulfilled and loved. if it is flowing through us it therefore makes sense for us to pass the gratitude on and not block it up inside of us. True gratitude encompasses generosity. By sharing with others you are removing the fear of scarcity the fear of lack. You are showing that it is not something to be scared of and therefore it is not something which will show up in your life. Generosity does not have to be giving your possessions away although if you have some to spare this would be beneficial to all. You have plenty of other things you can be generous with, your time, your love, your friendship and compassion. If you give freely you will receive freely also.

For those of you who needed to be directed to this article at any given point in time thank you for reading these words. I hope they have touched you and given you some comfort. Transcending fear and ego into aligned purpose and love takes work and thought, anybody doing this alone out there I send you my love and gratitude that you are existing and shining your light. If you wish to make contact please do- always here to support and share.

Love, as always,

Annie x