Why your affirmations aren’t working and how to get them on track to manifest

There are times when we all want or need a change in our lives. Actually we are by nature ever changing and evolving here on earth whether we like it or not. We can and should choose to be an active positive participant in this process. Many people understandably find it difficult to allow their human ship to be steered as we have been conditioned to a way of living and belief systems which can go against the fundamentals of what is required to bring about effective positive change in our lives.

The art of affirmation is so much more than simply writing a sentence on a piece of paper both before and after you commit your desires. Today we are going to discuss all of this and what I have learned from various sources along the way. Hopefully, what we achieve by the end is a good understanding of the premise by which affirmations work, the required headspace and how to follow up your intentions daily. We are aiming to save your sanity and time as well as speed up that joy and happiness you will feel knowing that you are manifesting what you want and achieving positive effect-basically this is what I wish somebody had told me a few years ago. As it happens, it turns out that I had everything backwards and it may be the case that you do too.

I am going to make one simple request from you before we go any further however. I say simple, I do understand that it may be hard but here goes. I am asking you to set aside everything you think you know and to believe that anything is possible. I mean anything. You can’t set limits on this. As I said, we are ever changing and once you have achieved what you want you are going to want to move on to the next thing. Right now in your mind you don’t even know what this is going to be or how the universe is going to get you there so please be prepared to think limitlessly and openly. It is the only way. You are not your past or your past experience, refuse to be defined that way-even better refuse to be defined at all.

Let’s introduce the law of attraction here to make this more understandable. For those who have heard of this but are unsure exactly what it is it’s essence can be broken down simply to ‘What you have and what you feel the universe gives you more of’. So, if you are limiting yourself and frustrated at your situation the universe will give you more frustration. If you are stressed the universe gives you more stress. Boo. It really is that simple although if you want to read more on this I do recommend you read anything and everything by Abraham Hicks as it is the most beautiful, relatable, funny and inspiring lightworking I have ever come across. This simple rule as you can see makes the necessity to be rid of a fear based mind even more pertinent. Worrying is praying for the worst to happen, so stop it.

Given then the law of attraction, if we want more abundance and wealth, to know your purpose on this earth and how to follow it, whatever it is that you wish for you have to sort of act as though you already have it. As if it is here. The simplest way to do this is to take stock of what you currently have in your life which makes you happy and really really fall in love with it. You want a new home? Love and bless your current abode. Make it comfortable and appreciate everything you have in it while acknowledging your desire to move. Not only that but actively state this every day. That being happy and grateful in your home vibe once sent out into the universe coupled with your intent to move is going to be amplified right back to you. Trust me when I say appreciation of what you currently have is one of the first steps to achieving more. This is the environment in which manifestation thrives. I understand that when you feel you badly need a change that it can be hard to do and instead of being filled with gratitude and pleasure it is possible to be filled with frustration and irritation, I truly do understand. Start small though if this is the case. Even if there is only one thing in your current situation which brings you happiness focus entirely on that. In time this feeling will expand around you.

The other mental switch we need to flick: A desired large change or goal we wish to achieve can not only take centre stage in our thoughts and lives but completely take over. There is a strongly held belief that we have to focus on our goals to the detriment of everything else, no time for fun no time to relax we must work work work. This isn’t the case at all. I am not saying that we shouldn’t put the effort in to making our lives great and into fulfilling our ambitions at all but by neglecting time to relax have fun and be happy we are neglecting ourselves and making it so much harder to maintain that open loving link to our higher selves and the universe. We were put here to experience joy and happiness. We were put here to create. Do not confuse notions of hard work and struggle with effort and soul alignment. It is through a happy joyful mindset that we can do so. Having fun and relaxing is not wasted time it is not neglecting our goals- quite the opposite. It puts us in the headspace where we can receive guidance and love and keep us in a place where we can manifest. It can be in these very moments where we have a vision regarding what steps we need to take next. Abraham Hicks put it beautifully when they said that we should follow our impulses. When we get sudden thoughts on what to do-do it. It will lead to deepening our connection with the universe and allow us to step outside of our ‘controlled selves’ putting us into a state of receivership. This emotional state is what we desire. Everything else, everything physical and tangible we desire will fall off the back of this if we allow it.

Lastly, where mind-set and focus are concerned I would suggest meditation. It is perfect for clearing our headspace and visualisation both first thing to start the day and last thing at night. Guided meditation is a wonderful introduction or meditating to a mantra. The marvel known as the internet can also take this to another level by connecting people with aligned beliefs in online group meditation. Certainly Dr Joe Dispenza and the Law of Attraction Centre hold live meditation webinars which really can amp up the vibes and don’t worry no one can see you sat in unwashed pyjamas and odd socks. Meditation is key in helping us tune in to the quiet still voice of our higher selves really wishing to guide us and gently steer us in the right direction.

There is a lot more to it than just writing a wish list down on a piece of paper isn’t there? The inner work is worth it though trust me. Once you have the inner peace and joy in the present co creation then becomes smoother and enjoyable. Love your now to love your future.

The act of formulating your affirmations requires some thought. Remember we are aiming for a state of mind where we already have, we are vibrating on a level which has what we desire in order to attract it. So, starting with ‘I wish’, ‘I want’ or more politely for the Brits ‘I would like please, if it isn’t too much trouble’ does not fit in nor does ‘I do not want’ or ‘I want to be rid of’. The reasons for this are obvious by now. The former presumes that we do not already have and the latter will see the universe focusing on what we don’t want and giving us more of it. Naturally then to my mind we have to start with ‘I AM’. Whatever picture you are painting start with this. It is a firm statement of what level you are vibrating at and sending out very clear messages to the universe.

How Often? I write my affirmations down every morning and every night just before I meditate and as I write I pay very close passive attention to what my body signals to me when I do this. Some of my affirmations put an immediate beaming smile on my face. This is when I know I am aligned I am giving off those vibes and am making positive steps with the universe to bring this into the now. Others though have made me twitch or sick to my stomach. That’s a massive clue to me that something is amiss. Don’t get me wrong, there is a certain fake it till you make it involved here (if there weren’t you wouldn’t need to do it) but a strong physical reaction tells me that I am not aligned to my affirmation. I have found this to be the case in a couple of areas: Firstly, when I let fear creep in. The ‘I’m not ready for this mentality’. If you weren’t ready you wouldn’t be asking. I believe that it is the ego interfering here and we need to be so careful. The ego is thinking with experience of the past with a belief that something is lacking and therefore keeps us bound and trussed up like a chicken. Beware the ego! If you want something you are ready to take steps to bring it into your existence. You do not lack you are worthy and loved. Remember this. Secondly, I have reacted negatively when I am trying to manifest something not in line with what I really desire. There have been times where I have found myself trying to manifest something because I think I should because I think it is the right thing to do. If it isn’t going to make you happy and enable God conscience then it isn’t. Let it go and concentrate upon something which will.

Once I have written my affirmations down I let the desire go but maintain the feeling of having, that is I do not consciously focus my desire on my intentions throughout the day. I do re affirm them in the middle of the day though and this is to ensure I keep aligned with the vibration I am wishing to maintain. At times I have consciously focused on my affirmations to the point where they have turned in to wishes, then the feeling of lack sets in, ego manifests and sets me down a road directly opposite to where I want to go. When this happens I stop. I simply stop. Then I take a deep breathe or ten and focus upon the joy in my life. By stopping the chattering in my head and focusing on the joy I bring myself back to the state of receivership, back to Annie who is full of gratitude for what she has and what she knows for certain she will have.

I really hope this has helped, please feel free to leave a comment or ask as question either here, by email, Instagram/DM. Thank you everybody for your messages and remember your privacy is my privilege and also you don’t need to be shy! Nobody knows it all and discussion always leads to enlightenment.


Annie x